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"The most celebrated fable of ancient Rome is the work of Petronius Arbiter, perhaps the most remarkable fiction which has dishonored the literature of any nation."

--John Dunlop's History of Fiction

T H E      S A T Y R I C O N

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Latin Text of The Satyricon at The Latin Library
Latin Text with electronic concordance at Intratext

Other English Translations on-line:

Petronius Arbiter: The Satyricon, trans. by William Burnaby (Gutenberg text)
Petronius Arbiter: The Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter, trans. by W. C. Firebaugh, contrib. by Francois Nodot, Jose Marchena, and De Salas (Gutenberg text)
The Satyricon of Petronius, trans. by Alfred R. Allinson (cross-linked with Latin text) at the Internet Sacred Text Archive

Various scanned items at Google Books

Additional on-line information about Petronius:

Wikipedia: "Petronius" and "Satyricon"

"Word-List for Petronius's Cena Trimalchionis" at the University of Saskatchewan

The Petronian Society Newsletter
at Montclair State University and at Ancient Narrative at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands

"The Satyricon of Petronius"
at Southwestern University

"An Echo of Ars Poetica 5 in Petronius"
at Emory University

"The Banquet of Trimalchio" at The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

"Petronius" from "Short Bibliography of the Latin Language and Literature, compiled by M.G.M. van der Poel"
at Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen in the Netherlands

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Homeland Security Act of 2002 from the Congressional Record of the United States
in which Senator Paul Sarbanes of Maryland incorrectly quotes from Petronius

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