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Giton Giton@Hotmail.Com January 31, 2005
Is this book merely libelous homosexual smut from the time of the Apostle Peter or is there more to it? Did Petronius witness the Crucifixion of Jesus at the age of six years old? I suspect that he did, though I cannot find historical records indicating it. And how does a work of homosexual smut also manage to incorporate such beauty and magnificence? Anyone who has ever read Fitzgeralds\' translation of the Iliad and Odyssey will recognize immediately how incredibly funny the parody of the long-winded epic poet is. I would have been tempted to leave the old man downstairs and let him sink with the ship. Note that when Petronius is describing the homo whore he mentions that as the makeup falls off his face, \"His face looked like a plaster wall which was crumbling apart\" Perhaps This is not a reference to the homo whore at all, but to another face which Petronius had seen with his own eyes, that of a certain dying man. Also has anyone else noticed the collective nature of this piece? You may start out disgusted, but once you are drawn in, it is compelling to an almost physical degree. And what was true then is still true 1950 years later: These people like nothing better than to find something NEW to talk about.
Let\'s get the sexuality of this piece out onto the table and talk about it like grown people.
Michelle Mtichell July 23, 2003
Hi..i need some help, im taking an OAC summer course in Classical Civilization and I have an essay to write about the Satyricon, and the relashionship between Roman society before Nero, and when he was in power. Im lacking ideas. If anyone can help me, email me back a.s.a.p.
Jenna July 21, 1999
HELP!! 10th grade literature....The Great Gatsby...refers to Trimalchio...........Trimalchio.....Trimalchio...obviously a character in The Satryicon...........but who...WHO.....who is Trimalchio? and why is he mentioned in the Great Gatsby?
George Arndt June 28, 1999
How thoughtful! My Modern Library edition of _The Satyricon_ was appropriated by a kleptomaniacal `friend.' I feel that this electronic edition has restored a bit of my long-lost youth. (I haven't read any of this web edition, but I hope that `In Asiam cum a cuaestore' [dredged up from a fifty-year-old memory] has been englished.
Murray Leeder April 27, 1999
I need the Satyricon in Latin! Please somebody help me... is it available on the web?
Vivian April 11, 1999
Hi. This version of the Satyricon has a lot more in it than the other one I read. Why is that? Is there some dispute as to the authenticity of of some of the fragments, or was the text censored?
Also I would like to know if I can get the Satyricon in the original Latin off the web, somewhere.
Jim Reeds November 29, 1998
It has been suggested that the notorious spurious "reorganization"
quote originated with Nodot's 1683 fabrications. But if
I read the introduction of the 1930 Panurge Press translation
by Allinson aright, the Nodot text has been translated lock-
stock-and-barrel with the genuine text. Since the pseudo-
Petronine reorganization quote doesn't appear in the etext
of the Allinson translation, I conclude it was not due to
Nodot after all.